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Custom Gears

We are capable of producing all of your Gear and Thread requirements 1 to 120 Pitch including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, ratchets, racks, worm shafts and worm wheels, splines, sprockets, and timing belt pulleys. We want to make your project a success, whether it’s cutting teeth onto your blanks or producing your finished product from scratch.

Machine Parts

We utilize both CNC and manual machinery to provide a wide variety of precision services such as: turning, milling, drilling, shaft turning, welding, and both internal and external keyway cutting. This versatility in tooling allows us to be competitive and effective in any quantity from a one piece project to production parts and everything in between.

Rush Delivery Available

We strive to deliver top quality while staying devoted to managing every project big or small in detail, overcoming any obstacles, and completing them on time. Rush services are available.

Machine Parts

We offer a wide variety of machine parts that can be made within our shop. We use state of the art machining technology to increase our precision.
printing press

Printing Press Parts

We machine all printing press parts that you could need to replace. We have the specifications already on hand so no measurements required.

Airplane Parts

We machine airplane parts that ensure the safety of the pilot and others. From gears that keep the motor running to connections in the wings.

Custom Gears

We offer customizable gears to fit all of your machine needs. Specifications need to be accurate for your end result to work properly.

About Able Gear & Machine

Robert (Bob) Hebrank started Able Gear and Machine Company in 1972 with his wife Jean. Robert took a job out of college with a friend’s father-in-law. It was at Russell Wolf Gear Service that he discovered his passion for the gear industry. It was also where he met his future wife Jean (Russell’s daughter.) Robert left RWGS to work for MJH Gear only to return there again. After RWGS was acquired by Martin Sprocket, Robert continued his employment briefly before deciding to start his own company. Along the way, Robert made life long bonds with many colleagues. Specifically with the Cioccii family of Apex Gear and Machine in Newark, New Jersey and also his original mentor and still wonderful friend, Ross Halkias of Halkias Gear and Machine Works in Bloomfield, NJ.

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